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Nurse Advocate Business Kits 

 Nurses, would you like to work from home, have autonomy, and be your own boss?

 Today patients need experienced allopathic nurses to help navigate them through our convoluted, costly, and deteriorating healthcare system, become a botanical-friendly Nurse Advocate Today! 

Every day, people across America are becoming more and more disenfranchised from Western medicine. The proof is seen in our national growing opioid crisis, the side effects of debilitating pharmaceuticals, and the soaring cost of health care and prescription drugs. Our recent pandemic has spotlighted numerous issues pertaining to our less than ideal health care delivery system.

People who suffer from serious health issues and life-threatening diseases are now concerned about accessing our healthcare systems and are more proactive in seeking promising alternatives through knowledgeable allopathic and botanical friendly nurse advocates. 

Nurses Come Back To Our Roots:

Before biomedicine, we nurses worked in quaint abbeys, developing deep relationships with the indigenous population.  As a result, they educated us on promising botanicals to help address a plethora of medical conditions. At Nurses For Safe Access, their goal is to bring nurses back to their roots and provide nurses the tools to help navigate patients through our complicated health care system. 

Nurses For Safe Access mission is to help nurses embrace natural safe treatment modalities, but also help them succeed as nurse-patient advocates. To do this, they empower nurses with the needed business forms, tools, and continual educational hours in botanical treatment modalities, through their independent nurse advocate business kit. 

Furthermore, to help augment their nurse advocate's income, they offer their nurse advocates wholesale prices for proven botanical blends, medicinal mushrooms, probiotics, and nutritional supplements.

*A portion of the proceeds from Nurses For Safe Access  Nurse Advocate Business Kits go towards Angels In Waiting 

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